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How Chris Christie Changed the Game in the US Sports Betting Industry


From 1992 till 2018, almost every state in the United States of America considered sports betting illegal. This was based on the stipulated Professional and Amateur Sports Profession Act passed in 1992.

Thanks to former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, the industry is going to continue to spread throughout the US. Sports-betting dedicated websites like OnlineSportsbooks.bet were built for the US citizens to be able to find operating betting companies in their state and place sports bets legally.

Before this law changed, the only states sports betting was legal in was Nevada, Oregon, Montana, and Delaware. Nevada had legalized all kinds of sports betting whereas the other aforementioned states only allowed certain sports to be bet upon.

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Defining Illegal Sports Betting

Generally, illegal betting deeds occur with individuals or groups referred to as bookies. These types of syndicates or people offer possible better odds resulting in potential attractive winnings. The way in which they aim to achieve the possible better odds and winnings are by point shaving, match-fixing, and spot-fixing.

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Lifting the Federal Ban on Sports Betting

In the middle of 2017, New Jersey fought hard for their case of sports betting legalization to be heard in the Supreme Court of the United States. In May 2018, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, publicly announced that his longtime fight to grant the legal sports betting rights to New Jersey sports betting fans was finally over. The Supreme Court acted in favor of legalizing the betting industry specifically to individual states that agreed with the ruling. As a result, New Jersey became the first state to side with the legalization of full-scale sports betting.

Despite three states already legalizing betting, Delaware still remains under the partial legalization of certain sports betting. New Jersey became the third state to allow full-scale betting followed by the drafting of future plans for other states to join New Jersey and Nevada in their betting laws.

Onwards and Upwards

Apart from celebrations followed by the Supreme Court ruling in favor of New Jersey sports betting, there was more to come. Gambling companies and casinos welcomed elevated share prices everywhere. Thus, proving to be a potentially lucrative industry to legalize betting state-wide. Especially, if, tax revenue was accounted for in the legal process of the gambling play!


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